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Kawasaki Scooters

The Kawasaki Scooters company began in 1896 in Japan. The Kawasaki motorcycle is one of their most popular products on the market. Besides that, they are also famous for producing ATVs, all-terrain vehicles, engines, and many other products. In general, they are a trusted name in their industry and one of the big contenders in both the Asian, and North American markets.

The one thing that Kawasaki doesn't yet offer is a motor scooter, though there are many rumors around that one is in the works. This is despite the fact that Kawasaki is a leading manufacturer of a lot of similar products, namely the many all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles they sell, and the fact that many Kawasaki dealerships in North America sell motor scooters from other brands, like Schwinn, which may confuse people into thinking they are purchasing one of the Kawasaki scooters instead.  

It is more than likely that at some point in the future, Kawasaki will indeed being manufacturing a Kawasaki scooter, and this is especially true if they can figure out how to do with the scooter what they have done with their various other products, make it faster, lighter and more able to be used for sporting activities. If you are looking for a Kawasaki scooter, you can either choose from a list of similar companies such as Honda or Yamaha, or you can choose a similar product from Kawasaki.

Kawasaki engines are considered superior to many others on the market, which would be a very valuable asset to a Kawasaki scooter made in the future. Kawasaki engines were first produced by Kawasaki's aircraft division in the 1950s, but by the 60s they had founded a dedicated motorcycle division with bikes being released in 1961. By the mid 1960s Kawasaki bikes had become one of the most likely to win bikes in Japanese racing, a tradition they are likely to continue with the creation of a Kawasaki scooter.

When, in the 1970s, Kawasaki branched off into the private biking world, they quickly gained a reputation as a maker of high quality bikes. By the late 1970s they were also making ATVs and by the 1980s they had begun manufacturing what is today their claim to fame – the sportbike. The Kawasaki sport bike is probably the most similar thing to what Kawasaki scooters will look like in the future.

Besides the sports vehicles and bikes mentioned above, Kawasaki also holds a line of touring and cruising cycles that are made specifically for endurance and speed. The Versys, the Eliminator and the Vulcan are three exceptional examples, and all have heavy influences from the West. They are also marketed mainly to long-distances traveling and the clients who wish to do so, and also pleasure seekers everywhere. Kawasaki has even delved into the world of ambulance and police vehicles with the Kawasaki Concours models, which is particularly popular in many European and Asian countries. Many believe that once Kawasaki starts making motor scooters, the Kawasaki scooters may be marketed in much the same way.